Turning air time to money in an EcoCash wallet

Turning air time to money in an EcoCash wallet can be a transaction that most people do not want. It was recent that I bought more airtime than I needed and I called the customer care line to let me know if there was a way they could reverse the transaction. I was told that if it’s air time that there was no way to reverse it unless I get someone to transfer the air time to, they could pay me via EcoCash.

Now, I would not have written about this topic if EcoCash had not allowed this type of transaction to take place in the territory in which it operates.

Ok, to be honest, I will talk about it because we want as much financial freedom as we can. The air time on our phone is still affordable and we will be able to use it not only to buy bundles or to call. If you have an EcoCash wallet you should be able to return whatever airtime that you have back into money that you can use for anything else. wallet to convert airtime to cash

In Lesotho, you can transfer air time back to your EcoCash wallet
So… in the beginning, I said I would not write about this if moving air time into an EcoCash wallet is not possible in any other region where a mobile money user is. It seems possible in Lesotho, and in a report from the Lesotho Times, users in the country have airtime to EcoCash option.

The advantage is that airtime can be transferred into their own EcoCash wallet no matter where it comes from. Can’t send airtime in anyone’s EcoCash wallet and of course, you are charged for the transfer.

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Even with charges, this can be useful
Airtime and EcoCash conversions can be very useful while you are in a bind. Suppose you are in a store and you want to buy something but you are short on money or you have that sum of more in airtime. you can use the air time on your phone quickly and be able to complete the transaction. Sometimes it is a case of having enough to buy but you do not have enough to meet the transaction charge.

Maybe like I did, you have suddenly entered a higher value than you intended and you want to send some of that money into your EcoCash wallet. Customers should not start looking for someone to sell it to.

The last thing is that the airtime expires. I can’t say I’ve had a situation where I have more air time than I can use. But there are people out there who have a lot of air time for work and they can’t finish it. This means that any remaining balance is lost.

At the end of EcoCash, this is another way they can earn money. Like in Lesotho, they may have to pay for the conversion. That said it may not be great but it is something along with the limit of mobile money I can imagine every penny they make is worth it.

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